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Estudio en Malaga 101425 in Málaga

Obj.: BN999389 | Spain, Málaga

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The studio in Málaga has capacity for 2 people. The studio is coquettish, is modern, and has 40 m². It is located 3 km from the sand beach, 100 m from the supermarket, 12 km from the airport. The house is situated in a charming neighborhood in the center of the city.The accommodation is equipped with the following things: internet, hair dryer, air conditioning, tv.In , refrigerator, microwave, dishes/cutlery, coffee machine, toaster are provided.
airconditioning: Yes
television: Yes
internetconnection: Yes
toaster: Yes
maximumnumberofpets: 1
beach: Yes
If you didn't book the car service, please email us to let us know what time you will be checking out so we can see you off and do a quick inventory check with you.If for some reason you leave without us being there, simply leave the keys on the table and make sure you push the door shut behind you.  Departure Checklist: KEYS LEFT BEHIND. Adapters left in their wall plugs. Garbage bagged up and tied up - we’ll take care of disposing of it for you. Towels on the bed. No need to take sheets off the bed. Lights off, heater off (It’s opposite the washing machine. Just turn knob to “0”). Close door firmly behind you and test that it’s shut!*Please don't walk off with the house keys. That is a huge drama as they are so hard to make copies of.**Please also do not accidentally pack a towel or sheet as we have to organise an expedition to the malls outside of Rome to replace them.


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